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"I will hold Christmas in my heart, and try to keep it all the year." - Charles Dickens.

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    The Pudding

    The origins of the Christmas pudding can be traced as far back as pre-christian past. Due to the cold of the northern hemisphere people would worry about the land and how it would provide them with the grain they needed to keep alive in the year to come. They therefore tried to ensure the land's fertility by preparing a magical 'pudding'.

    This simple pudding was boiled wheat in milk. The Christians adopted this cereal dish but suppressed or forgot about its origins as a 'magical' dish of significance, using the dish as a breakfast meal on Christmas Eve. Though this was slowly fazed out and it became a side dish to the meat course at the Christmas dinner. Gradually it was added to with other ingredients such as eggs, prunes, and even meat. But eventually the meat was left out and plums added to make the delicious pudding of today.

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