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"I will hold Christmas in my heart, and try to keep it all the year." - Charles Dickens.

Valentines Day should be every day of the year

Christmas Poetry

Carol of the Birds

    A star rose in the sky
    and glory from on high
    did fill the night with splendor.
    Came birds with joyful voice
    to carol and rejoice with
    songs so sweet and tender.
    Came birds with joyful voice
    to carol and rejoice with
    songs so sweet and tender.

    The eagle then did rise,
    went flying through the skies,
    to tell the wondrous story,
    sang, Jesus, born is he,
    from sin we are set free,
    he brings us joy and glory.

    The sparrow with delight
    said, This is Christmas night,
    our happiness revealing.
    The sky with praises rang,
    as finch and robin sang-
    oh, what a happy feeling!

    The lark upon the wing
    said, Now it seems like spring,
    no more is winter pressing;
    for now a flower is born
    whose fragrance on this morn
    to earth brings heaven's blessing.

    Sang magpie, thrush, and jay,
    It seems the month of May
    in answer to our yearning.
    The trees again are green
    and blossoms now are seen,
    it is the spring returning!

    The cuckoo sang, Come, come,
    And celebrate the dawn
    this glorious aurora.
    The raven from his throat
    then trilled a festive note
    to the unexcelled Senora.

    The partridge then confessed,
    I want to biuld my nest
    beneath that very gable
    where I may see the Child
    and watch whene'er he smiles
    with Mary in that stable.

    Old Spanish Carol from Catalonia

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